I didn’t get to fully enjoy summer this year. With all the work from the office that needs to be done and the finances that I have to consider before I head out and travel, I felt like I should skip beach bumming or island hopping this season. Luckily, one of my college friends invited me to drive out of the city and check out the Calamcam White Beach in Talisayan

How To Get There and Available Accommodations:

This beachfront is a  two-hour drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro and you can reach the place by taking a bus from the Agora Bus Terminal. The place is accessible to everyone and you can bring your food and drinks and just have a picnic under one of the shady trees on the beach-side. There are also several places that offer cottages for an affordable price but if you prefer to stay in a resort, you can check in at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. For us though, we decided to hang out at this place that provided us a cottage for the price of Php 150.00 where you get to stay overnight.

The Experience:

We arrived at the beach by mid morning – way past the low tide so there was little to see of the white shore. Still, I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful the place was. As the beachfront is not that known to many tourists, it is still untouched by new developments and it maintained its natural landscape. The grain of sand is so fine that when you step on it, it doesn’t hurt your feet at all. Plus, the crystal clear gradient water feels cool even if it was already high noon. There were also these big rocks where you can climb on so you can jump or dive into the water. It was really amusing to watch and photograph the locals doing it.

Let me share with you the photos that I took in this travel below:


I am so happy with this trip because I didn’t get to splurge too much. Also, I got to see that the province of Misamis Oriental has more to offer especially when it comes to tourism. So, if you ever happen to be within the vicinity, feel free to visit the coast of Calamcam, Talisayan and witness its beauty for yourself.



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